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Have You Heard About Our Leon Valley Wood Floor Resurfacing Service?

If not, you’re in luck! We are glad to tell you all about it now. For Leon Valley residents, choosing Fabulous Floors San Antonio to resurface your hardwood floors is the most pocket-friendly solution for transforming them. Unlike refinishing which can create a dust mess and require more time, our resurfacing method eliminates this problem and often takes only 1-2 days! But the convenience and lower prices are just the tip of the iceberg for us. Each of our hardwood floor resurfacing technicians here at Fabulous Floors San Antonio is well-trained on the best customer service practices around. That means we know how to treat both you and your floors the right way. So if you’re ready to resurface your hardwood floor in Leon Valley, TX, give us a call today.

Before and after hardwood floor resurfacing in Leon Valley, TX
a photo taken halfway through a resurfacing project to show the difference we make.

How Our Resurfacing Process Works

The entire resurfacing process used here at Fabulous Floors San Antonio is as simple as 2 steps. First, we strip away any remaining old finish. Second, we coat the floor in a new high-quality polyurethane finish. That’s literally it, and trust us when we say it can make a huge difference. But, if your floor shows major signs of wear and tear such as warping boards, deep scratches, scuffs and discoloration then our hardwood floor refinishing service is the right choice for you. Otherwise, our resurfacing service will put value and beauty back into your home. With prices starting at just $0.99 per sq/ft, why would you choose anybody else for hardwood floor resurfacing in Leon Valley, TX?


“What more can I say! This young man has a phenomenal job in my summer home. He gave us a Free Estimate and the cost was exactly what he quoted and no other hidden fees were involved! Definitely the BEST AROUND!!!! Give him a call and trust me you will NOT be disappointed at all!.” – Misha B.

a resurfaced kitchen floor​What Makes Us Different From Other Wood Floor Resurfacers in Leon Valley?

    1. We Increase the Actual Value of Your Home & Floor
    2. We Have the Best Prices in Town
    3. We Provide A Beautiful & Longer-Lasting Finish
    4. We Provide Protection from Daily Foot Traffic
    5. We can Prevent Allergen Growth
    6. We Remove Scratches & Light Damage without Sanding
    7. We are Faster & More Convenient
    8. We Give FREE Price Estimates Over the Phone
    9. We Give You the Peace of Mind You Deserve
    10. We Work Hard to Fit within in Your Budget


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